Customer-Driven Test: All Conditions

Here are a couple of funny examples of Customer-Driven Testing. Testing your software in the same conditions that customers will be using your product.

Bump for iPhone allows users to exchange contact information

Bump for iPhone allows customers to exchange contact information. This app can be used in the office, instead of exchanging business cards, or may be used in another context. Imagine the late night, after several drinks, exchange of phone numbers.

During user testing in bars, Bump Technologies found that the feature created to selectively enable a variety of contacts (business vs personal, for example), was too complicated for those users with fuzzy-navel driven fuzzy minds.

Another set of examples is provided by Three Sheets Research, a user research company that specializes in app design for for this very condition. Windows 8 after 8 tequilas?

Question for you, under which conditions will you customers be using your product? Are you testing in those conditions?

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