Software Life-Cycle Model for Customer-Driven Quality

The software life-cycle model for Customer-Driven Quality is somewhat simplified, intended to be replaced by the actual life-cycle model used by your company. The purpose of this definition is not to  define a life-cycle, but to describe the customer-driven practices during each phase of your particular life-cycle.  These practices work with both Agile and waterfall life-cycles.

Life-cycle model for Customer-Driven Quality

Life-cycle Model for Customer-Driven Quality

The Define stage is where the product requirements and scope are defined. The customer-driven practices are intended to help build the right product for our customers.

The Build phase of the life-cycle includes design and coding. The Customer-Driven practices described help developers build the product for your customers.

The Test phase usually refers to system test, where activities like performance, regression, beta, and deployment validation testing occurs. Customer-Driven Quality helps optimize the test program.

The Support phase happens post-release and customers can help determine if the product was successful, and to find opportunities to improve the product for the next release.

Define, Build, Test, and Support phases of Customer-Driven Quality each have their own page, or return to the main page.