Example of Cost of Poor Quality

This might seem obvious, but its a clear example of the cost of poor quality, often a cost that is not measured.  Recently, on of my favorite products let me down.  So, I found a workaround, which was to temporally use the main competing product.

Guess, what?  The other product, which I had never considered, turned out to be pretty good.  Now, its on my radar.  The odds that I would switch just went up 1000%.

The product in question is my smartphone.  I’ve been a loyal customer for many years, ever since they came out, and I have a signifiant investment in the phone eco-system (apps, peripherals, etc.).  Switching devices never crossed my mind, until the camera let me down – fuzzy images. Ugh…

Fuzzy Edinburgh

Luckily, I was on a side-trip, and had a business phone with me.  I borrowed it for the camera for the weekend and found that I really liked the camera much better than my existing one. I made a note to check out the models from this brand and my consider a switch.

Better image of Edinburgh


For this post, its not important which phone is which. What is important, I spend about $500 per year on the device ecosystem – and before this weekend, the chance of my switching was about nil. Now, I would estimate it to be about 25%.

Never give your customers reason to look elsewhere.