About Me

A long time ago in a town far, far away…  I wrote my first line of code. (1982, TRS-80 BASIC, if you must ask)

Since then, I’ve been developing software professionally in a variety of roles:

  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Project Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Quality & Test Leader
  • Product Development Leader

This is my professional blog, where I’ll be sharing the lessons that I’ve learned over these years. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes and perhaps teach me something as well.

I also enjoy fly fishing and fly tying. I have a blog for that too. It’s called Whiskey Creek Fly Fishing.

Besides this blog, here are a few ways to stay in touch:

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One thought on “About Me

  1. kotla

    Hi John Ruberto,,,,i came across your blog and gained some insights on testing , one question , how you come across all this positions as you mentioned Developer, Tester, Project Manager , Development Manager , Test Lead and so on … Can you give any suggestion for achieving the above ..?


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