GTAC 2013

Google hosted GTAC 2013 this past week, with several very interesting presentations.  The videos are currently only available in one long stream. Here are the GTAC videos, along with the time stamp when the particular talk begins.

Day 1

  • Time: 00:16:30, Keynote, Ari Shamash, Evolution from QA to Test Engineering
  • Time: 1:06:00, James Waldrop, Testing Systems at Scale at Twitter
  • Time: 2:20:00, David Burns & Malini Das, How Do You Test a Mobile OS?
  • Time: 4:04:15, Igor Dorovskikh & Kaustubh Gawande, Mobile Automation in Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Time: 4:47:00, David Rothlisberger, Automated Set-Top Box Testing with GStreamer and OpenCV
  • Time: 5:03:00, Ken Kania, Webdriver for Chrome
  • Time: 5:17:45, Vojta Jina, Karma – Test Runner for JavaScript
  • Time: 5:32:50, Patrik Hoglund, Automated Video Quality Measurements
  • Time: 5:47:10, Minal Mishra, When Bad Things Happen to Good Applications
  • Time: 6:34:00, Tao Xie, Testing for Educational Gaming and Educational Gaming for Testing
  • Time: 7:17:20, Simon Stewart, How Facebook Tests Facebook on Android

Day 2

  • Time: 00:17:17, Keynote, Mark Trostler, Testable JavaScript – Architecting Your Application for Testability
  • Time: 1:02:50, Thomas Knych, Stefan Ramsauer, Valera Zakharov, Breaking the Matrix – Android Testing at Scale
  • Time: 2:19:00, Guang Zhu & Adam Momtaz, Android UI Automation
  • Time: 4:03:00, Jonathan Lipps, Appium: Automation for Mobile Apps
  • Time: 4:47:20, Eduardo Bravo, Building Scalable Mobile Test Infrastructure for Google+ Mobile
  • Time: 5:01:45, Valera Zakharov, Espresso: Fresh Start to Android UI Testing
  • Time: 5:17:40, Michael Klepikov, Web Performance Testing with WebDriver
  • Time: 5:31:30, Yvette Nameth, Brendan Dhein, Continuous Maps Data Testing
  • Time: 5:47:24, Celal Ziftci, Vivek Ramavaijala, Finding Culbrits Automatically in Failing Builds – Who Broke the build?
  • Time: 6:33:16, Katerina Goseva-Popstojanova, Empirical Investigation of Software Product Line Quality
  • Time: 7:17:30, Kostya Serebryany, AddressSanitizer, ThreadSanitizer, and MemorySanitizer – Dynamic Testing Tools for C++
  • Time: 7:46:15, Claudio Criscione, Drinking the Ocean – Finding XSS at Google Scale